Mountain biking in Lanzarote: the best routes

If mountain bike lovers from all over the world have something in common, it is that wherever they go, be it city, country, beach, mountain or river, they should and feel the obligation to look for the best mountain bike routes and, of course, do some of them.

Lanzarote, despite being an island, is, due to its volcanic constitution, an excellent space for cycling. Paths and trails, without too much complication, await you on the island of Lanzarote no matter what level you have riding a bicycle. And it is that if something is clear, it is that the territory together with the magical climate of the island throughout the year, make going mountain biking in Lanzarote a pleasure both in January and in July.

Enjoy the Mountain bike routes in Lanzarote

If, in addition to practicing sports, your hobby of cycling gives you the gift of reaching dream places, your hobby automatically becomes a little great pleasure.

The project MTB routes Lanzarote It consists of 20 routes that add up to a total of 385 kilometers divided into 8 main routes, 5 alternative ones, 4 connections between different routes and 3 extensions to be able to visit, during the tour, special and tourist places through which the route itself does not pass. .

They are safe routes that comply with the IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) regulations and, of course, are also subject to their signage.

Signaling of the BTT routes in Lanzarote

If the route is marked in red, it indicates that your journey lasts more than one day; in yellow, less than one day and in brown it means that the route passes through an area of ​​ecological sensitivity.

In addition to this group of three colors, there is another group associated with the route number. Depending on what color it is in, it will have one difficulty or another. The range is the same as that of the ski slopes, the green being the easiest, followed by the blue, red and -to finish- the black, the most complicated and only suitable for the most experienced and adventurous.

There are also routes made by cycling fans that you can follow through applications such as Koomot. Some of them are these three that we propose:

Moderate route from Arrecife

The starting point of this circular route is the Bus stop at Castillo de San José from Arrecife.

From there begins a total route of 43.6 kilometers that we can do in about three hours with a drop of just over 500 meters.

You will pass through Tahiche, Teguise and Playa de las Cucharas

According to the data that komoot offers us, to carry out this route, experience with the bicycle and good physical condition are required.

Moderate route from Puerto del Carmen

We leave from the Hotel San Antonio in Puerto del Carmen, a meeting point where our route will also end.

It is a route of about 41 kilometers and a duration of 2 hours and a half bordering the sea.

The little unevenness of this route -no more than 150 meters- makes the route suitable for all levels as long as you are used to some physical activity.

High level route through the surfer's paradise

From La Santa to Famara and back: It is not a very long route, nor does it have an excessive unevenness, but it does have peaks and terrain suitable for those who have experience on the pedals and are in good physical condition.

You will travel a little less than 30 kilometers that you can do in 2:30 hours: trails, beach and lots of nature will accompany you along the route.

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