Where to take the best photos of Lanzarote?

If you don't share it on your social networks, you haven't been. The immediacy and communicating that we have an idyllic life and visit unparalleled landscapes are two of the main tasks that we take with us when we are on vacation.

Social networks demand content from us and we unintentionally adopt the duty of having to show everything we do (if it is beautiful, photographable and positive, of course).

If you are going to travel to Lanzarote or even if you live on the island, we are going to tell you about the locations and best perspectives that you should take into consideration to boast of a gallery on Instagram.

The 3 most instagrammable places in Lanzarote

The light, the contrast of colors and textures that are created between the blue of the sky, the black of the earth, the blue of the sea and the white of its buildings, make Lanzarote an ideal place to take photos.

Playa de Famara

If Famara beach is known for any particular reason, it is for being the surfers' paradise in Lanzarote. The waves await you behind a large expanse of sand that you have to walk through to be able to touch the water.

Unless you are a great lover of water sports, our recommendation is to go for a walk along the Famara beach at sunset. The light at that time of day is wonderful and even more so when it comes into contact with water.

You will be able to take pictures with reflection, panoramic views with the silhouettes of the surfers enjoying the waves and the sunset with the volcano behind.

The tap

We recently told you that El Grifo is the oldest winery in all the Canary Islands, dating back to 1775.

if you are going to perform A guided tour Please do not forget your camera because the combination of the green of the vines with the black of the earth and the sky blue form a perfect and attractive combination. At any time of the year the landscape will leave you with your mouth open but if you let us choose, we recommend summer or autumn, moments in which the colors are more vivid than ever.


We have already photographed a beach, a winery and its vineyards and now it is our turn to enter civilization. If there is a town worthy of having an exclusive album on Pinterest, it is Teguise. It is characterized, of course, by the traditional architecture of the island: white buildings and cobbled floors. In addition, something that really catches our attention in this corner of the island is the special care taken in the signage. There are no brightly colored, backlit commercial establishment signs. They all follow the same aesthetic to make this place a unique enclave.

Stroll, lose yourself and discover the most beautiful streets, the most detailed stores and the most original church that you can ever add to your Instagram account. We recommend you do it any day of the week except Sunday, when there is a market and the town is full of people.

And you, do you want to share your secret corner of the island with us?
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