Living in Lanzarote is a privilege

Find out why so many people choose to reside here

Why Lanzarote?

Imagine waking up to more than 300 days of sunshine a year, where the laid back atmosphere promotes well-being and a stress-free lifestyle.

The quality of life in Lanzarote is exceptional, with year-round warm weather, a low crime rate, relatively low living costs and a strong sense of community. There is also good health-care, high quality education systems, and the island is driven by the tourism industry making it an attractive place for individuals who may be looking to invest or start a business.

Living in Lanzarote is very attractive to most, even more so to those looking to raise a family or retire in paradise.

An impressionist painting come true

This island is similar to a typical impressionist painting that combines the blue of the sea, the reddish of the earth and the intense black of a volcano that one day roared with such force and intensity that it was able to leave its mark on our landscapes and on the character of different generations of islanders.
Whether you intend to live in Lanzarote full time, or take advantage of the 12 months a year rental market, it is a great place to own property.

Discover Lanzarote

English is widely spoken across the island due to the importance of the tourism industry. This makes it an ideal place for expats who are looking to relocate as the language shouldn’t stop you from doing so.

In the main tourist areas of Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise there is less likely to be a language barrier. There is also a large international expat community always looking to welcome new faces to the island. In the smaller, more remote regions of Lanzarote, English is not so common.

Aside from everything mentioned above, living in Lanzarote you are exposed to a diverse range of outdoor, and water activities. If you love to be active, or enjoy being outside in the fresh air, the year-round good weather means that you can do this for the majority of the year.
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A place to enjoy life

A few key aspects that make this island so unique are the dramatic, volcanic, moon-like landscapes, the crystal clear swimming holes, and the stunning golden, white and black sand beaches.

Most people who choose to live in Lanzarote fall in love with the island and tend to stay here indefinitely. It is quite clear to see why living in Lanzarote is so enticing for most.
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We travel to return home

We recently had the pleasure of meeting a remarkable individual who could be described as a globetrotter. Despite our reluctance to label individuals, this person explained that to them, Lanzarote invoked a feeling within, brilliantly described by the famous quote of Pablo Neruda, "we travel to return home".

To us, it's astounding that someone who is constantly seeking new experiences, challenges, and people, would consider the little island of Lanzarote their home. This realization forces us to acknowledge the island's power to captivate the hearts of even the greatest wanderers.
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