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Epicenter of Elegance


Yearn for unparalleled luxury woven into every corner of your residence? Embrace Epicenter of Elegance — a prestigious haven comprising three sumptuous homes in a single expansive property. Here, you'll find solace, grandeur, and opulence, all enveloped in a peaceful natural landscape.

Playa Blanca
Private Pool
Multiple Terraces
Ensuite Bathrooms

Property Description

Welcome to the "Epicenter of Elegance," a sprawling estate that exemplifies the pinnacle of luxury living. Located on a magnificent 575.95 m2 plot, this complex offers three distinct yet equally lavish residences that are set to redefine the benchmarks of comfort, opulence, and sophistication.

House 1: The Majestic Retreat: A testament to architectural brilliance, this residence features a private heated pool and interiors adorned with the most luxurious fixtures and finishes.

House 2: The Elegant Oasis: Designed for those who seek luxury in every corner but prefer a quieter space. The house offers a beautiful terraced area to relax and unwind.

Apartment A3: The Cozy Abode: Situated in the semi-basement, this compact unit epitomizes comfort and modern design, offering an intimate setting without compromising on amenities.

Special Features Across Residences

All residences in this opulent estate boast advanced thermal and acoustic insulation systems, state-of-the-art ventilation technology, and high-grade lighting fixtures, both fixed and adjustable. Safety is also a priority, with a robust security alarm system and windows fitted with high-security glass.

House 1: The Majestic Retreat

The Majestic Retreat takes luxury to new heights. As you enter, your attention is immediately drawn to the expansive living room that radiates grandeur and sumptuous comfort. The state-of-the-art kitchen is a chef's dream, featuring top-notch appliances and lavish countertops. The main highlight, however, is the heated private pool. Surrounded by a high-quality, non-slip terrace, this pool is not just an amenity—it's an experience in itself.

House 2: The Elegant Oasis

House 2, known as The Elegant Oasis, offers its own distinct flavor of luxury. While it doesn't feature a pool, it compensates with a stunning terraced area, perfect for soaking up the serene surroundings. The interiors are every bit as luxurious as House 1, with exquisite fixtures and high-end appliances. The living and dining areas are designed to offer a unique ambiance, making every moment spent here special.

Apartment A3: The Cozy Abode

Apartment A3 may be located in the semi-basement, but it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to luxury. The open-concept design efficiently integrates the living and kitchen areas, creating an intimate setting perfect for seamless interactions. Its terraced area offers an outdoor retreat, where you can enjoy some quiet moments.

Owning the "Epicenter of Elegance" is not just about buying a property; it's about investing in a lifestyle unparalleled in its grandeur and comfort. Each home offers a unique set of luxuries and conveniences, making this estate a versatile investment. Whether you're planning on residing here with your family, or looking at the high rental yield potential, you’re making an investment that assures both happiness and peace of mind.

For a first-hand experience of this unparalleled estate, we invite you for a personal tour. This isn't just a property; it's your future sanctuary of luxury and comfort.

Equipment and Particularities

Pool: A private, luxurious swimming pool complements one of the residences, offering you an oasis within your oasis.

Terraces: Each home comes with its own terraced area, where you can bask in the serenity of the surrounding nature.

Ensuite Bathrooms: All bathrooms are ensuite, furnished with premium fixtures for a lavish experience.

Total Living Space: The property spreads across an astounding 291,81 m² of constructed area, enveloping you in its grandeur.

Total Land Area: The entire complex sits on a magnificent 575.95 m² of land, offering plentiful outdoor space.

Versatility: Each residence is unique in design, allowing for varied experiences under one property.

Remodeled: All residences have recently been renovated to infuse them with a modern yet timeless aesthetic.

Basement Areas: Additional living spaces have been efficiently designed in the semi-basement areas of each residence, making the most of every square meter.

Construction Quality: The property has been developed using top-notch materials and techniques, promising a long-lasting and reliable home.

Epicenter of Elegance

Michael Toso
Manager, Founder

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