Los Hervideros: where the sea penetrates the land

The sound caused by the water eroding the rocks in these two caves is very similar to that of boiling water. In addition, the cavity of the cave acts as a loudspeaker and amplifies -remarkably- the noise. This very natural and beautiful effect gives its name to Los Hervideros de Lanzarote, one of the places that one cannot miss when visiting the island.

Where are Los Hervideros?

Some consider it “the great spectacle of the volcanic coast”. Specifically, this surprising corner is located in Yaiza (in the southwest of the Timanfaya National Park).

And they are not alone… Los Hervideros make up an impressive landscape together with the Salinas de Janubio and the Charco de los Clicos.

When should I visit Los Hervideros?

Although the perspective and surroundings of Los Hervideros is always a spectacular place, it is even more so when the sea is choppy. The more force the sea has, the greater the sound that is emitted from the caves.

Since it is a natural space without any control, it is highly recommended to be especially careful on days when the sea is rough if we visit the space with children.

What can I visit around Los Hervideros?

Los Hervideros are located between the Salinas de Janubio and the Charco de los Clicos.

The salt pans They were founded in the 19th century and their main mission was to supply the entire island with salt, and that's how it was. A year of very good production was a year with more than 10,000 tons of salt, part of which was exported. Currently the activity of the salt mines is mainly oriented towards tourism.

Don't forget to take the photo… It's impressive!

For his part hePool of the Cliks, which you will surely have heard of as the Charco Verde is another of the images that should remain in your retina after visiting Lanzarote.

The mixture of seawater with minerals and some other type of algae gives the pool a particularly original greenish hue.

These three jewels of nature are, all of them, near El Golfo, an old municipality with a fishing tradition in which, today, we can still enjoy its restoration, more than fresh fish and seafood and the classic wrinkled potatoes with green mojo and hot sauce

You can't miss 'La Shearwater' in El Golfo

The last week of October the town of El Golfo celebrates its festivities. A celebration that receives the name of La Pardela and for which festivals, games for children (and not so children) and even popular races are organized. Among these popular races we have theEl Golfo Pardelator, a total of 10.5 kilometers of travel between incredible places. A route where the most adventurous have a must.

There are many natural landscapes and activities that you can do in Lanzarote and that will make your stay an unforgettable memory.

The architecture of Cesar Manrique, the little one Graciosa Island, the pleasure of sailing and practice sailing sports or enjoy the luxury of your gastronomy. Lanzarote is nature, it is flavor, it is smell and beauty.

We will wait for you!

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