Lanzarote, the best place to live

Being able to choose where to live is being lucky. And one of the essential aspects to know that a place is the right one for you is to understand if the way of life that surrounds a specific place plays according to your interests and your idea of the future.

Lanzarote is a dream place to live, an ideal destination to invest in a holiday home, thanks to its hot and dry climate and its vibrant cultural scene.

The island idiosyncrasy is breathed on all four sides. Or rather, for the eight Canary Islands. The influence of Canarian culture on daily life in Lanzarote is evident in many aspects.

Canarian culture is an integral part of life in Lanzarote and manifests itself in many aspects of daily life, from gastronomy to local traditions and customs. . This rich cultural heritage attracts visitors from all over the world and contributes to the island's identity and character.

Gastronomy, for example, is heavily influenced by traditional ingredients and recipes. From gofio, a mixture of roasted and ground cereals, to mojo, a sauce made from garlic, cilantro and olive oil, they are an integral part of the heritage diet in Lanzarote.

In addition, the island's wine is recognized not only for its original cultivation, wrapped in volcanic lava, but for its quality. The roots of traditional culture become evident by taking a look at the most popular buildings in the small towns that dot Lanzarote.

At first glance we can find the typical houses of the island, called "volcanic houses", which have survived the passage of time. being built with natural materials such as volcanic stone and mud, thanks to a design that adapts to the hot and dry climate of the island.

Lanzarote is an island with a wide variety of houses available for purchase, from luxury villas to houses traditional countryside.

The most modern constructions tend to obey a similar construction pattern oriented to well-being during all seasons of the year and, for the most part, live quietly painted white and with green doors and windows, if they are interior; or painted blue, if they are located on the coast.

Cultural scene

In addition to the rich cultural heritage that can be found in Lanzarote, the island also has a vibrant cultural scene. The island is home to numerous theatres, art galleries and cultural centers that offer a wide variety of activities and events.

Together, they offer an important and diverse program, from plays and live music to dance and cinema. The International Museum of Art Contemporary, El Almacén or the César Manrique Foundation, for example, offer contemporary art exhibitions with works by local and international artists. In addition, the island has a rich tradition of folk music and concerts and performances can be enjoyed in different parts of the island every week.

From theaters and art galleries to concerts and festivals, the island is an ideal destination for those looking to enjoy culture and art.

A climate to dream of

The climate in Lanzarote is hot and dry throughout the year, with average temperatures that oscillate between 20 and 25 degrees. Lanzarote enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year, making it a popular destination for those looking for a holiday home to invest in and enjoy during their retirement.

Due to its location on the Atlantic Ocean, Lanzarote can also suffer from the impact of some meteorological phenomena such as rough waves and wind. However, for many athletes, the wind on the island is a blessing since it allows the practice of certain water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing.

The beaches of Costa Teguise and Famara, for example, are recognized for their ideal conditions for surfing. practice of these sports. Thanks to the combination of calm waters and strong winds, these beaches are an ideal place for beginners and more experienced athletes.

In addition, the island has numerous windsurfing and kitesurfing schools and centers that offer lessons and equipment rental. These schools are usually located on the most suitable beaches for practicing these sports and have experienced instructors who can help beginners learn the basic techniques.

These unique characteristics have led to the island being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. . For this reason, many people look for a holiday home in Lanzarote either for their retirement or as an investment. Lanzarote is, without a doubt, the best place to live.
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