La Graciosa: don't miss the turquoise paradise

Reach out and breathe. Never before has an island transmitted us so much peace and freedom. La Graciosa is a paradise for all those who know how to appreciate the value of nature without artifice, beaches without noise and good weather without impediments.
La Graciosa is stopping time, giving yourself a pause and enjoying the pleasure of the unknown. And it is that this island, which is called "the blondest of the Chinijo Archipelago", is one of the few places in Europe where paved roads, traffic and hustle and bustle are conspicuous by their absence.

They are 27 square kilometers of tranquility in which 700 inhabitants live. A haven of peace for complete disconnection. La Graciosa is the largest island of the so-called Chinito archipelago, complete with Alegranza, Montaña Clara and Roques del Este and del Oeste, and since 1992 it has been part of one of the UNESCO biosphere reserves.

How to get?

Neither walking, nor by bicycle nor by hitchhiking. The only way to get to La Graciosa is by ferry. There are many companies that operate and make the journey from Puerto Órzola to the island of La Graciosa with an estimated frequency of about thirty minutes.

How to visit La Graciosa?

A Natural Park must be traveled in a totally sustainable way that implies zero impact on the environment. In Caleta del Sebo, the main municipality of the island and where all the ferries arrive, you will find multiple options to discover this paradise.

What activities to do in La Graciosa?

If you are considering doing something other than touring the island in search of a corner that you fall in love with from where you can enjoy the turquoise water and a good tan, keep reading!

The gastronomy

Wrinkled potatoes with mojo, scalded gofio and fish fresh from the sea. In La Graciosa, more specifically in Caleta de Sebo, you can taste the most local and tasty gastronomy.

If your visit to the island is for just one day, we advise you to reserve a table as soon as you arrive (or before you go) to ensure a plate of food. Keep in mind that the gastronomic offer is very adjusted for all the people who arrive every day to La Graciosa.

The photograph

An almost desert island, a natural setting like La Graciosa, is the ideal place for photography lovers: natural light, land, sun and water. What other ingredient do you need to make movie portraits?

Under the sea: what is not seen

Contemplating the landscape that surrounds you in La Graciosa is its great and main attraction, but there is something almost as wonderful that is hidden under the sea.

If you like snorkeling or diving, you will love discovering the largest marine reserve in Europe: caves, tunnels, biodiversity and great visibility thanks to the crystal clear waters.

And spend the night in La Graciosa?

It's quite an adventure. If you want to spend a night staying almost on the beach, dine with views of the sea and gaze at the stars without any kind of light pollution, take advantage of your visit to La Graciosa. Of course, book in advance, as you know the island is not very big and the beds are numbered.

A small island that you can enjoy in many ways. Of course, if you allow us, here is some (important) advice for visiting La Graciosa:

Your two great allies when you decide to travel to the island are sun cream and a cap. The latter is really advisable if you get away from Caleta del Sebo. The island is so natural and desert that it will be really difficult for you to find a shade to shelter under.

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